Sintered ruby ​​sharpening rod - sharpening rod 33727

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Sinter ruby ​​sharpening rod with plastic tip - sharpening rod 33727

Professional quality – Made in Germany

    • The sharpening rod's grinding tube is made entirely of synthetic ruby/sinter ruby
    • This sharpening stick made of synthetic ruby ​​is 20 times harder than hardened steel (e.g. Japanese knives)
    • Excellent sharpness of the knives after just a few cuts
    • The sharpening rod is very durable with the best wear resistance
    • Handling the sharpening rod is easy and effective
    • the plastic tip serves as an elastic bumper
    • Sharpening rod with sturdy, impact-resistant black plastic handle with hand protection
    • the handle has a ring for hanging
    • the sharpening stick can be used dry or wet
    • After sharpening, clean the rod with a damp dishwashing sponge and dry it well
Length of sharpening rod approx. 20cm
    Total length approx. 34cm


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