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Product Information

Scissor length is measured in inches. One inch is 2.54cm and you measure a pair of scissors from the tip to the end of the handle. If there is a finger hook, this will not be taken into account. The best way to determine which length of scissors you need is to use old scissors and a ruler. For example, if your old scissors are 14cm long, divide 14cm by 2.54cm (14:2.54=5.51). Your old scissors are approx. 5.5".
To make things easier, you will also find the length in centimeters for every product - in addition to the inch information.

The best way to clean your scissors is with a little detergent under warm running water. You can use a soft cloth, but never a scouring pad. This would cause unsightly scratches to your scissors and this could reduce the cutting performance. The scissors are not dishwasher safe.

Then dry your scissors gently and thoroughly, even if they are made of stainless material.
To keep your scissors running smoothly, drip a small drop of mineral care oil into the screw slot and between the cutting edges. You can get the ideal special oil in a small pipette bottle in our shop.

Accessibility refers to the opening and closing of the scissors. Ideal mobility ensures soft opening and closing and a gentle cut. If the gear of your scissors is adjusted correctly, only a minimum of pressure is required when closing the scissors (cutting). If possible, check the movement of your scissors whenever you notice a change in the cutting performance of the scissors. Thanks to the slotted or adjusting screws, the setting can be corrected quickly and easily.

This depends on which part of the fur you want to cut, but also your personal preference. The scissors should fit comfortably in the hand and the length of the scissors is also important. Curved dog scissors have the advantage that you can see the tip of the scissors better while cutting and therefore control them more easily. This also means there is a lower risk of injury.

Thinning scissors are generally interlocked on both sides. On one side, small prisms, a kind of triangle, are ground into the teeth. Here the hair is captured and cut off by the other side of the scissors.

This means it doesn't thin out too much because only the hair that gets into the teeth is cut off. The thinning scissors are therefore well suited for beginners as no “holes” can be cut in hair or fur. Usually only about 1/3 of the hair is captured and the volume is cut out. It is also very suitable for cutting out smaller tangles in the fur.
The modeling scissors are only toothed on one side and therefore 50-60% of the hair is captured and cut off directly. These modeling scissors also have a prism ground into each tooth, which grabs and cuts the hair.

The nail scissors have slightly flatter edges at the tip, which, together with the curved cutting surface, adapt optimally to the shape of the nails and thus ensure a high level of precision and safety.

The cuticle scissors, on the other hand, have fine angled and much narrower edges at the tip, which, with their curved cutting surface, are just as well adapted to the shape of nails, but are much better suited for precise cutting of the nail bed or cuticle. The tip of the scissors is particularly finely crafted and the cutting surfaces are precisely matched to one another - so it can reach the edges and annoying skin perfectly.

The easiest method for beginners is: you simply place the sharpening steel with the tip facing down on a stable surface, such as a cutting board.

You then sharpen the entire knife blade along the sharpening steel at an angle of approx. 20°, from the base of the handle to the tip of the knife. As a guide, you can quickly determine the angle by choosing a little less than half of 45°. Speed ​​is not important here - it can also be sharpened slowly.

Five to six repetitions per side are usually sufficient for sharpening knives that are already sharp, and more for sharpening dull knives.