Professional sharpening steel oval medium-fine 33656

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Professional sharpening steel - 33656

Top quality from Solingen

  • the sharpening steel oval medium-fine - the most frequently used knife sharpener in the home and catering. It has fine and close teeth (approx. 6-7 teeth per mm) with very good sharpening effect
  • Cutting performance and edge retention are optimally designed
  • The knife sharpener has an oval shape - offers large-area contact and faster grinding results
  • Made of chrome vanadium steel - for high wear resistance
  • hardened, hard chrome plated and magnetized
  • The plastic handle is round, secure - with 8-edged hand protection
  • Eyelet for hanging - made of stainless steel
Blade length approx. 30 cm (12")
    Total length approx. 44 cm
      Original packaging with sharpening instructions