Professional diamond sharpening steel - Solingen 33650

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Size: 8th"

Professional diamond sharpening steel - 33650

Top quality from Solingen

  • Sharpening steel with a solid core made of stainless steel
  • an additional hard chrome layer ensures high wear resistance
  • Using a special process, up to 2 million diamond grains are applied to the surface
  • The extremely small grain size on the diamond sharpening steel guarantees a sharp, smooth cutting edge and therefore long-lasting edge retention for your knives
  • ergonomic plastic handle with hand protection
  • The diamond sharpening steel is suitable for both right- and left-handed people
  • Sharpening steel with a flat shape
  • Original packaging with sharpening instructions

Size 8":

  • Blade length approx. 20cm, total length approx. 33cm, weight approx. 150g
Size 9":
  • Blade length approx. 23cm, total length approx. 36cm, weight approx. 170g

Size 10":

  • Blade length approx. 25cm, total length approx. 38cm, weight approx. 270g

Size 12":

  • Blade length approx. 30cm, total length approx. 43cm, weight approx. 300g
    Please note: When sharpening with a diamond sharpening steel - in contrast to a conventional sharpening steel - you should generally only work with low contact pressure, otherwise the diamonds will be “peeled out” of the surface, which significantly shortens the service life of the steel.