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Size: FIX-sized

Color: red

Knife grinder Fix - scissor grinder ceramic - made of oxide ceramic 33852 / 33854

  • the FIX knife sharpener for traveling, camping or in the kitchen

FIX large: total length [cm]: approx. 15.5; Ceramic rod approx. 6

FIX small: total length [cm]: approx. 11; Ceramic rod approx. 4

Professional quality from Solingen

  • Perfect for sharpening knives, scissors or scythes

Sharpening instructions for knives:

Hold the FIX knife sharpener in one hand. Pull the knife to be sharpened with the cutting edge in the open crossing bars of the FIX - with light pressure - forwards and backwards. Depending on the wear of the cutting edge, the knife is pulled through several times until it is sharp again. Saw and wave knives can also be sharpened in this way.

Sharpening instructions for scissors:

Take the scissors in your hand and open them. Then first lightly press one of the two cutting edges on the ceramic rod and pull it back and forth several times. A fine burr will appear on the inside of the scissors. Closing the scissors will remove the burr. Repeat the same process with the second scissor blade until the scissors are sharp again.

Sharpening instructions for scythes, sickles and round discs:

Sickles and scythes become sharp when you place them in the open intersection with light pressure and pull them off several times until they are sharp again.

IMPORTANT! Always make sure that you sharpen with little pressure and away from your body, so that you do not injure yourself if the tool you are sharpening accidentally slips!


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