Dog scissors | Cutting, modeling & thinning

Dog scissors for cutting, modeling or thinning

Our fur scissors are also suitable for cats and other pets. The scissors are available in a wide variety of designs. Here you will find the right scissors for every application, whether for professional use or for private dog owners who want to shorten their four-legged friend's fur. Dog scissors are essential for a well-groomed coat.

Choosing the right cutting tool

When choosing the right fur scissors, it depends on whether the fur needs to be radically shortened, thinned or shaped. It's not just the breed of dog that matters, but rather the size of the dog or the area of ​​the body that you want to work on. Basically, the bigger the dog, the longer the grooming scissors should be. The more sensitive the area of ​​the body to be worked on, the smaller the scissors should be.

Sharp scissors with rounded tips are ideal for sensitive areas to avoid injuries. Special dog paw scissors are best suited for shortening and shaping the hair on the ears, muzzle or paws. For tight areas, these scissors are more accessible.

Paw scissors usually have short, curved or straight blades. Paw hair should be trimmed very carefully. To remove the hair between the toes and pads, a small, handy pair of dog paw scissors with rounded tips is ideal. Even if your dog is very restless, there is less risk of injury.

For cutting larger areas of fur, such as on the chest, stomach or back, straight dog scissors and curved dog scissors are ideal.

Find out whether you prefer straight or curved dog scissors. The scissors are made of high-quality steel and fit comfortably in the hand. The movement of the scissors or the preferred scissor movement can be individually adjusted using the middle adjusting screw.

The fur scissors with micro-serration prevent the hair from slipping and guarantee a precise cut. If the animal hair does not need to be shortened, but rather just thinned out, you will find special thinning scissors and modeling scissors from us. You will find the right scissors for every area of ​​application here.

Interchangeable ring inserts in the scissor eyes prevent pressure points and therefore ensure more comfort when cutting.

Quality features

We carry products made of high-quality, rust-proof stainless steel, mostly manufactured in the knife and scissor city of Solingen. We also have other high-quality products on offer that are made from Japanese steel.

Our dog hair cutting scissors are very durable. If you do become dull at some point, you have the option of having it resharpened by an experienced sharpening service. When grooming your favorite animal, you should only buy suitable quality scissors.

The special grind of the fur scissors ensures a safe and precise cut. Normal household or craft scissors are not suitable for cutting fur hair.

Scissor care

Caring for the cutting tool is very important so that it stays sharp over a longer period of time and you can enjoy it for a long time. Your four-legged friend's fur should be clean, dry and well-brushed before cutting. This means the dog scissors stay sharp for longer.

After each use, carefully clean the dog scissors with a soft cloth. There is a risk of injury as the scissors are very sharp!

The cleaned scissors should be stored in a dry place. In order to maintain ease of movement, the fur scissors occasionally need a small drop of oil, which you apply to the passage area. A suitable oil is, for example, camellia shear oil, machine oil or WD-40. By oiling your scissors you will extend their lifespan. The sliding properties are improved and rust formation is prevented.

To protect your cutting tool and reduce the risk of injury, it is best to store it in a cover or case.