Modeling scissors/thinning scissors for dogs

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Grooming scissors - thinning scissors Dogs Professional 30113
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Modeling scissors & thinning scissors for dogs for thinning the coat

Modeling scissors and thinning scissors for dogs are always used when the animal's fur or undercoat needs to be thinned out. When cutting, the fur is trimmed in a natural way and gains lightness and volume. These scissors can also be used to cut off only the tangles and not the entire fur.

Dog thinning scissors are fur scissors that are serrated on both sides. On the dog thinning scissors, the fine and sharp teeth are slightly offset from the upper to the lower scissor blade, so that only part of the hair is cut away. Basically, about 30% of the dog's fur is cut off with thinning scissors. Since all of the fur is never cut away, these scissors are also known as thinning scissors. Thinning creates soft contours and precisely cut transitions.

The dog modeling scissors, on the other hand, have serrated edges on one side and the other blade is smooth. With these scissors approx. 50% of the fur is cut off. These scissors are used for cutting transitions - with special effects - but also for structuring the fur.

Especially on warm days, it is important to reduce the weight of the fur and keep the animal's hair short.