Whetstone / whetstone knife sharpener 33751|33752

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variant: 1000/3000

High quality whetstone - 33751 / 33752

Sharpening stone for sharpening knives and other cutting tools

Coarse grit 400/1000

Fine grain 1000/3000

Sharpening stone for classic wet grinding with water.

The high-quality whetstone with two grit levels is perfect for pre- and re-sharpening dull blades. First use the coarser grit for pre-sanding and the finer grit for the final sanding.

The knife sharpener has an optimal width so that you can sharpen even larger knives precisely and without much effort.


  1. Take the sharpening stone out of the wooden case.

  2. Moisten the sharpening stone with lukewarm tap water.

  3. Place the sharpening stone back in the box with the coarse grit facing up and place it on a flat surface so that the stone does not slip away.

  4. Pull and push the knife you want to sharpen over the stone on both sides of the cutting edge at a slight angle.

  5. Now repeat this process on the other side of the stone with the fine grain.

  6. Clean the stone under running water and allow it to dry completely before placing it back in the wooden box for storage.

Dimensions of the sharpening stone [cm]: 6 x 20 x 3 (WxLxH)

Box dimensions [cm]: 7.8 x 21.7 x 3.7 (WxLxH)


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